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Planting Trees, Growing Reputation

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The Replase Green Plan enables companies to contribute directly to global reforestation efforts and simultaneously enhance their brand reputation, particularly beneficial for businesses with a significant land-based footprint.

Why the Green Plan?

Each year, the world loses about 10 million hectares of forest, equivalent to 27 soccer fields every minute. This loss not only threatens biodiversity but also exacerbates climate change, as forests are crucial carbon sinks.

By participating in the Green Plan, companies fund the planting of trees, aiding in restoring forest cover, supporting biodiversity, and reducing atmospheric CO2. This action is vital as trees absorb nearly 22 kilograms of CO2 per year, playing a significant role in mitigating climate change

Subscribing the Green Plan companies benefit from a real-time dashboard provided by Replase, which can be embedded on corporate websites. This dashboard displays the quantity of trees and corals planted and plastic removed, offering a transparent and quantifiable demonstration of the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.


Yes, of course, you can change or cancel at anytime. Your plan can be managed on your profile when you’re logged in or feel free to reach out to us via email at

Our expanding network of impact partners consists of rigorously selected organizations dedicated to conservation. It’s mandatory for each partner to furnish comprehensive reports and evidence of their fieldwork. We meticulously monitor every tree, coral, every kilogram of plastic.

Absolutely, the real-time dashboard provided can be easily embedded on your website for promotional purposes

Subscribing the Blue Plan elevates your brand’s commitment to sustainability, enhancing customer trust and loyalty.

Yes, the reduction in CO2 levels is a direct result of plastic removal and coral plantation.


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