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Remove plastic.
Clean the future of Earth.

Your business holds the keys to unlock a brighter future for our planet.
We empower companies to actually make it happen.

What is Replase?

The exclusive hub for plastic removal and environmental solutions.

    Replase is an all-in-one dynamic platform designed to simplify and empower businesses in their sustainability journey.
Seamlessly search, discover and engage with global plastic removal initiatives from our network of partners, saving you valuable time and effort.

Plastic Removal

Replase is your launchpad into the world of plastic removal initiatives. You can easily select a quantity of plastic to be removed from the environment at any time and on a continuous basis.

Plastic Removal

Amplify your generosity through Replase's crowdfunding platform. Choose from a variety of plastic removal and conservation projects to fund and be a part of the solution.

Raising awareness

Be a voice for change with Replase. Join our awareness campaigns, share stories, and participate in local events to inspire action against plastic pollution.

Raising awareness
How it works

Bridging brands with global plastic initiatives

Our platform serves as a gateway to a world of plastic removal initiatives, all thoughtfully curated from a global network of partners committed to environmental change.

Join initiatives that align with your business values and show your commitment as a company to your customers.

Choose your ideal initiative

The power of choice is in your hands.

Navigate our platform to select the plastic removal initiatives that resonate most with your brand.

Whether it's cleaning up beaches, recycling plastic waste, or supporting innovative projects, you have the freedom to choose.

Select the amount of plastic your business desire to remove to alleviate pollution or donate the amount to others.


Our partner remove your selected amount

Once you've selected the amount of plastics that matter to your business, our partners get to work.

They're on the ground and oceans, across the globe, removing plastic waste through their specialized services.

You don’t have to worry about coordinating and managing the removal process. We take care of all ensuring your contribution translates into a real impact worldwide.


Showcase your commitiment

We believe in recognizing your commitment to a cleaner planet.

As a token of appreciation, businesses that collaborate with Replase receive a Certificate of Plastic Removal.

This certificate serves as a testament to your positive environmental impact. It's a symbol of your dedication to a plastic-free future, one that you can proudly share with your customers, employees, and partners.

Why Replase

Transform your will into streamlined actions and effects

Replase simplifies and streamlines the process of contributing to plastic removal and environmental sustainability by acting as an intermediary and providing you unique benefits for your business.

Become part of a like-minded community of businesses and individuals dedicated to combatting plastic pollution and promoting a cleaner planet.
Businesses receive a Certificate of Plastic Removal, showcasing their commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability, which can be used for branding and marketing purposes.
Unified impact showcase
Unified impact showcase
An i-frame on your website will show data and statistics of your impact as a business, unifying all the plastic removal initiatives you have joined.
Partner Selection
Partner Selection
No need to wasting times navigating the web looking for singular plastic removal and environmental sustainability initiatives.
Spreading the facts

An open window on the issue of plastic

Diving deep into the world of plastic pollution, environmental sustainability, and the inspiring stories of change-makers. We uncover the facts, share insights, and explore the path to a plastic-free future