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Remove plastic
Clean the future of Earth

Your business holds the keys to unlock a brighter future for our planet. We empower companies to actually make it happen.

What is Replase?

The corporate hub to environmental solutions.

   Replase is an all-in-one dynamic platform for businesses dedicated to plastic removal and eco-actions, optimizing your corporate social responsibility strategies.

Efficiently partner with environmental initiatives and demonstrate your commitment to customers, enhancing your brand with real-time data on your actions and impact.

Sustainability Action Plans

Replase is your launchpad into the world of plastic removal, coral and trees planting. We connect your brand with global partners driving the change.

Plastic Removal

Amplify your generosity through Replase's crowdfunding platform. Choose from a variety of plastic removal and conservation projects to fund and be a part of the solution.

Raising awareness

Be a voice for change with Replase. Join our awareness campaigns, share stories, and participate in local events to inspire action against plastic pollution.

Raising awareness
How it works

Transform your sustainability efforts into brand value

Replase connects you to a suite of impactful eco-actions while also provide a clear, quantifiable showcase of your green impact.

This boosts your market presence and bolsters customer trust, as your CSR efforts become a a distinct part of your brand narrative.

to a plan

Select between a trio of impactful sustainability plan: Green, Blue, and Balanced.

From reforesting landscapes, rejuvenating coral reefs, to cleansing oceans of plastic, choose the plan that resonates with your brand.

Then our partners get to work: they're on the ground and oceans, across the globe ensuring your contirbution translates into a real impact worldwide.


Receive real-time data about your impact

Gain exclusive access to your customized dashboard providing a dynamic visualization of your sustainability metrics.

Embed it on your website to publicly display your commitment and impact, updating in real time as your efforts grow and evolve.


Showcase your commitiment

We celebrate your sustainability efforts.

Partnering with us earns your business an Sustainability Impact Certificate.

This certificate serves as a testament to your positive environmental impact that you can proudly share with your customers, employees, and partners.

Your business is recognized not just for its promises, but for its actions.

Why Replase

From intent to impact: your sustainability, streamlined

Replase refines your business's approach to CSR and marketing, offering a specialized platform that delivers distinct advantages and streamlines your sustainability narrative.

Joining Replase means becoming part of a like-minded community of businesses and individuals dedicated to combatting plastic pollution and promoting a healthier planet.
Our partners receive a Sustainability Impact Certificate, a mark of the enterprise's commitment, that can be used for branding and marketing purposes.
Unified impact showcase
Unified impact showcase
Replase provide an i-frame for your website aggregating and displaying diverse sustainability actions from our plans — from plastic removed to corals and trees planted.
Partner Selection
Partner Selection
Streamline your search with Replase’s curated Sustainability Action Plans without the hassle of scouring the web
Spreading the facts

An open window on the issue of plastic

Diving deep into the world of plastic pollution, environmental sustainability, and the inspiring stories of change-makers. We uncover the facts, share insights, and explore the path to a plastic-free future