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Annually, our planet grapples with an astonishing 400 million tons of plastic production.

Even though less than 0.5% of this enters our oceans, it still amounts to a colossal 1 million metric tons of plastic pollution every year.

This number is only expected to rise.

Coastal cities in middle-income countries contribute significantly to the mismanagement of waste, funneling plastic into the oceans. Once there, a substantial portion of it either sinks or becomes trapped in gyres, like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, home to approximately 100 million kilograms of plastic. This pollution has dire consequences, affecting over 914 species, including endangered ones.

Replase empowers companies to make a meaningful difference by funding the removal of a designated quantity of ocean plastic.

By participating in this initiative, your company can proactively contribute to the restoration of marine ecosystems, helping to combat the plastic pollution crisis.

Join us, and together, we can work towards cleaner oceans and a more sustainable environment.
Choose to remove a specific amount of kilograms of plastic, either as a one-time contribution or on a monthly basis.

This single order can drive multiple positive changes:

  • Improve marine health and biodiversity: you help reduce the risk of ingestion and choking for marine life, enhancing their overall health
  • Reduce chemical pollution: plastic can release toxic chemicals, removing it decreases the release of such substances into the ecosystem, improving water quality
  • Participates in carbon offset: by reducing methane emissions from plastic decomposition, promoting sustainability, conserving ecosystems that act as carbon sinks, and raising environmental awareness
  • Conservation of corals: plastic can damage corals and coastal ecosystem, removing it preserve their delicate balance
  • Mitigate climate change: plastic in the oceans can contribute to climate change through greenhouse gas production
  • Support sustainable fisheries: plastic removal supports the sustainability of fish and marine organism populations
  • Improve human health: by reducing the risk of human contamination caused by microplastics



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