Remove Marine Litters

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Every year, our oceans face a grave issue – around 640,000 tons of fishing gear and a staggering 14 billion hooks are lost at sea. This waste poses a serious threat to marine ecosystems, leading to the injury and death of millions of marine animals.

Ghost nets, plastic lines, and ropes contribute significantly to the plastic mass in the ocean, particularly in areas like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, where they constitute about 52% of the plastic mass.

This deadly cycle continues as predators drawn to entangled prey often become ensnared themselves, perpetuating a vicious and deadly cycle of death and entanglement.

Replase is on a mission to combat this ecological crisis by enabling companies to fund the removal of a specified amount of fishing nets and marine litter. By participating in this initiative, your company can play a pivotal role in cleaning our oceans, saving marine life, and reducing pollution.

Choose to remove a specific quantity of fishing nets and marine litter as a one-time contribution or on a monthly basis.

Your support can make a significant impact on marine ecosystems and reduce the environmental damage caused by marine waste.


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