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Remove plastic
Clean the future of Earth

Earth Day 2024

Your business holds the keys to unlock a brighter future for our planet. We empower companies to actually make it happen.

Replase is an all-in-one dynamic platform designed to simplify and empower businesses in their sustainability journey



How to impact as a business

Seamlessly search, discover and engage with global plastic removal initiatives from our network of partners, saving you valuable time and effort.



the size and type of your environmental footprint

You can easily select a quantity of plastic to be removed from the environment at any time and on a continuous basis.

Once selected you ideal impact size, our partners get to work: they’re on the ground and oceans, across the globe, removing plastic waste through their specialized services.

You don’t have to worry about
coordinating and managing the removal process. We take care of all ensuring your contribution translates into a real impact worldwide.



Your impact in real and quantifiable numbers on your website to enhance your marketing and communication efforts.

We provide you with advanced,
customizable options: a dedicated live dashboard to embed on your digital
platform or website to show exactly how your company contributes to the environment

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